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Old 2013-01-19, 13:15
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Reasons to get Reason and keep Live as well.

1. Rewire
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Thumbs up

Its easier to apply what you've learned in reason to real world applications being that its basically emulated hardware (interface)

In my opinion, people are getting a much bigger sound with Live using FM8 and Massive for electronic music, easier, but then again what I hear coming from Live, sounds the same. Everyone jumped on the live band waggon to sound "exactly" like Skrillex.

Live's interface is a bit too Fisher Price for me to wrap my brain around. The interface is so boring and flat. Nothing inspires me about loading Live.

Reason is a 3 screen program. If you utilize it the way I do, you can have 1 screen display your mixer, another your sequencer, while the other is showing your main rack. The comforts of having your setup span this massive, visually, is more appealing to work with than anything.

If you're serious about production, you're going to find a way to your goal results reguardless of which path you take, the only true advice you need is patients. =)
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I know what "the reason sound" is, and I can explain it =)

When you're new to production, and you rely on the provided presets, it will be noticeable to other reason users who, like me, have used the program so long that even most presets are recognizable. Its sort of a nintendo like sound with a certain stock ambience.
Old 2013-01-19, 17:50
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Originally Posted by Benedict View Post
I have used Reason alone for Ambient/Apace Music for years and years. I find it offer a much easier workflow than VST (which I used to develop).

As for the "Reason sound" thing, sure if you don't bother to create a good sound then it will sound as sparse as and un-produced sound. Once you put the work in the possibilities are vast.

Your work, even though I produce Reggae which of course light years different than what you do with Reason, inspired me and let me know what was possible with Reason in the hands of someone who had a notion of what they wanted to accomplish.

To the OP, if you do Ambient music.....err....I dont think theres a better combo of softwares than Ableton and Reason for that currently. Reason and ambient are hand in hand, imo. Tons of synths and sounds = quickly.
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Old 2013-01-19, 19:09
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Reason or Live

Originally Posted by halisray View Post
Hi all,

I've heard good things about Reason and I ever only use VSTs on Ableton Live.. so why should I switch to Reason 6? I mostly create ambient music..

Thanks for the help!
He,he justmy ticket

I use Reason and Live via rewire ,works great together,I too produce ambient,as a hobby,nothing serious
My advice is as mentioned learn Reason a bit at a time
With me I use Reason and Live,I like the idea of rewire ,there is a lot of stuff I like in Reason,but also in Live (even more new stuff in the upcoming Live 9)
Combined with a load of refills I got for Reason and Live packs!! Awesome
The end of the day,the choice of DAW is yours and your workflow

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