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Originally Posted by omshanti20 View Post
Forgive you for what Mr. Flat-Earther? Making reactionary statements? Attempting to ridicule someone who dares to think outside the box? Or making up ridiculous and untenable maxims?

Prove to me that you are capable of backing up what you claim: first, post a link to music you've made involving real musicians and music-making and I will provide links to real music made by visionary thinkers. Secondly, please explain why anyone capable of visionary thinking would not be capable of producing real music...what is the logic and evidence to support your claim?

Thank you : )
I don't take anyone as a musician seriously,when they come up with kind of useless shit...virtual reality?Save that for video games,not DAW's...for f**k's sake.
Even FogstidEr himself,admitted that he was only daydreaming about it(& dreaming about VR for DAWS is nothing more than a pipe dream & doesn't belong in the suggestion forum,because it's a fantasy,not a feature suggestion).

If people want to think "out of the box",then they should come up with suggestions that involve features such as video synchronization,upgraded sample players etc., know,things that are musically applicable?Do you get it now?

So VR for Reason is the idea of a visionary thinker?Since VR has nothing to do with music production whatsoever,VR for Reason,is just mental masturbation...not thinking.
If you want to jerk off to the idea of VR for Reason,then have fun...but everyone else here on this forum knows VR has no practical application in Reason,it would be too expensive and that Propellerhead doesn't want any part of it & if you don't believe me,then contact Propellerhead directly & see for yourself.

By the way,I have posted some of my music in the music forum & if you want to check it out,then visit the music forum if you like.

If by some chance,FogstridEr is a musician & a good one,then he is doing himself a terrible disservice,by wasting his time with his absurd fantasies,rather than being visionary enough in his thinking to conjure up something that is actually useful to music production.

This thread has become even more absurd in it's length & has received far more attention then it ever should have and by rights,it should have been posted in the General Forum,rather than here.

This conversion is over for me...over & out.

F**k you very much.

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