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Old 2013-01-18, 13:58
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Originally Posted by FogstridEr View Post
I dig it! Sound a little bit like Underworld!

(No music is crap! Never ever listen to those silly comments because most likley it is only those who have no Fu#king clue about music who give those kind of ignorant answer)

Keep on with the music! Go, go with the flow!


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Old 2013-01-18, 15:45
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For your information I have uploaded a new mix of the song, still not the final one but I think it's better.

Thanks again for your comments
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Old 2013-01-18, 23:15
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Sounds pretty damn good Geolm! I love this style... mello, groovy bassline. Not sure if I caught some hand percussion in there but maybe experiment with some cool percussion hits/loops. I kept playing a conga pattern in my head listening to this. Loved the outro section from 4:50 on. Nice work! Keep and build upon for sure.
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Old 2013-01-20, 19:17
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I wouldn't change a thing. I don't have any complaints at all. Everything sits in the mix quite well. Your taste speaks for itself. Love the development of the pads and the tasty effects. That part where the bass line changes key is mesmerizing. This is really put together quite nicely. It sounds good and that is all that matters. I can listen to it all day.

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