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Originally Posted by RobRicketts View Post
On snap I had no idea about this VU Offset function, how did I miss this?! Just checked I had it left in it's default position, how do I set this set up so I get the correct headroom? I also use the Flower Audio Loudness Meter on the master section, I usually have between -6db and -4db max peak on there when I've done my first mixdown, is this about right?

That's my problem, the headphone volume knob is already turned up to the max, and it's still no where near loud enough. I don't know what else I can do, all the setting in preferences are right, there's no software included with it to turn it up that way either.
Depending on what k system I end up using determines how I setup my vu offset. I usually use the k14 metering system so I set the offset to 0vu equals -16peak (which equals 14-RMS). When I mix I shoot for -14rms (0vu on the master fader). This helps to me to save some of the dynamics. After the mix is done if I were to master the song (i don't master my tracks very often) I would shoot for a dynamic range of 10 or 8 depending how much of the dynamics I was to keep (i don't mix with any master chain enabled). Most commercial tracks have a rms level of 7 but then again the are in the loudness war trying to be louder then everyone else.

The vu offset doesn't do anything but help you keep an eye on headroom while mixing an it doesn't change how much head room you have. Every DAW cannot go past 0db full scale or you get clipping. When you move the vu offset you'll notice that the 0 moves on the ssl channels.

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