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This is out of my core but I grew up in the time of Public Enemy and Ice T so I have some reference.

I generally hate unreleased RAP (yep that's what this is) but I can get you on this. Really simple music bed (the proper technical term for a Beat) but it is about the story so it can be a strength. The hook hooks and the voice has a nice tone. You do need a change or stab towards the end as there is a wee embarrassing gap just before the last round of chorus to fade.

Second track has started to roll and it is more of the same so you have consistency which is good. This could maybe use a synth pad/string just to hang in there every now and then and create a tension/vibe thing. Bass is too soft.

Impressed. I'll send this link to a local Aussie Hip Hop spitter I know. I think he should hear you. I'm telling him to hook up and collab with you as I think that there is a great track to be made there bridging worlds.

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