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Old 2013-01-23, 00:16
fizbin fizbin is offline
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Shortcut key to move both cables in a stereo pair.

There needs to be a way to move both cables in a stereo pair at the same time after it is connected.

I realize this is done automatically when you first route a stereo pair, but often it's necessary to repatch the pair, and there is seemingly no other way than to do it one at a time.

Old 2013-01-24, 08:48
domain domain is offline
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Small things like this can't be a big a deal to include.
Old 2013-01-24, 12:22
DjVinnie91 DjVinnie91 is offline
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Actually, right mouseclick on input?
Old 2013-01-24, 13:38
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As a matter of habit I just disconnect the right cable before moving the left, only one extra click and then reason automatically patches the stereo pair when moving.
Old 2013-01-24, 14:23
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Djjimmyc Djjimmyc is offline
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Originally Posted by BenFrakkar View Post
As a matter of habit I just disconnect the right cable before moving the left, only one extra click and then reason automatically patches the stereo pair when moving.
+1 from me

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Old 2013-01-24, 18:33
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Don't forget about Auto-route. You can put multiple devices in the rack (not connected to anything) select them all and they will auto-route automatically. Create a Thor, Pulveriser, and Echo and they will be auto-routed in order - a Mix Channel will even be created and attached for you!

To change existing routings, you can choose Disconnect Device first. I've been routing this way more and more to avoid patching issues like the stereo cable issue. For example, if I have three devices hooked in series and want to change their order, I select them, choose Disconnect Device, arrange them in the desired order and then choose Auto-Route Device! Once you get used to it you don't even need to flip the rack to make and re-arrange basic connections. Worth checking out IMO! :-)
Giles Reaves, aka 'selig'
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Old 2013-01-24, 18:44
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YES. I've already suggested this somewhere so it's good to see someone else ask for it. Seems like such a useful thing that I'm not sure why they haven't added it. I think my suggestion was to use the Shift key as a modifier to pick up a pair of cables.

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