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Originally Posted by danicest View Post
dropboxed reason file it's like 100-something mbs
I'm going to take a crack at mixing your beat and I'll upload it after I'm finished.
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First thing i noticed is that you have soooooooo many drums being stacked. That can make things so hard to mix because everything needs to have it's own place. I personally don't stack my drums for this very reason. This is gonna be a mission....
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First thing I noticed was that their are a lot of drums panned around. It's taking a bit of time to wrap my head around it... but I'm gonna see what I can do.
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Ok I finish mixing your beat. Now keep in mind there isn't any mastering chain on this mix because I don't master my music (I leave that to the pros). If you truely want to compare your mix to my mix you need to open your reason file, turn off all your mastering devices off and make sure there is no clipping going on then compare your mix to my mix. You could go even further by exporting your mix (again no mastering devices on have them all turned off) and my mix and load them into a new reason file, normalize both so they are both hitting at the max peak level and compare this way.

I hope you like how I mixed your beat. This is how I would mix something like this. You had so many drums fighting for the low end (and the bass also) so I had to pick which kick would take the lowest freq and work from there. I did a total reset of everything and took any eqs off, effects off and started from there.

Here is the link to download the reason file.....
click where it says "Click here to start download from sendspace"

If you want I could also post a reason file that properly compares both mixes.
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Thanks for taking a shot at mixing this guys, I'm appreciating the help

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