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Old 2013-01-20, 09:35
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I bought the Stereo Splitter, it just works great out of the box. I bet Anansi is great too but for me this works better. Before I used the stereo imager on stereo sounds to make them wider, but the Stereo Splitter has more focus, it's not a big deal on pads, but when you use it on a guitar bus you still want that lowmid 'thud' and to my ears the SS does that better, the SI seems to smear the sound out.

I also like the delay function on it, one can make very could delayed mid/side effects with it, great addition!
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Old 2013-01-23, 04:50
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Hi folks, Theo Evangelatos here from Quadelectra.

I would like to answer a question I read a lot about Stereo Splitter... Why it has stereo outputs for M+S?

First reason is that Side signal must be inverted from one channel to another in order to join it back together as stereo using a mixer. The purpose of Stereo Splitter was not just to create an M+S encoder, but to be actually able to put it to work. Besides I like to consider Stereo Splitter as a stereo toolkit, rather than just an M+S encoder.

Second and most important. On the right of the gain knob per M+S section you may have noticed a smaller black knob called Delay. This delay knob introduces a small configurable delay to the signal, which by default affects both L+R channels of the M & S sections. Nevertheless you have the ability to add delay to only one of the two channels of each signal (either L or R) instead of both (see the switches above the knob).

In order to be able to work with both the separate outputs and per channel delay function, the outputs had to be configured as stereo!

You can still process pure M+S mono signals if you like by getting the audio from the seperate outputs "L(eft)" channel, and of course you can use just one of the MID outputs if you do not use separate delays on MID L & R channels.
Old 2013-01-23, 05:03
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Thanks for that clarification. I had overlooked the Stereo Splitter until now, will check it out soon.

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