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Originally Posted by Dogboy1973 View Post
I'd love to be able to lock a Reason device in it's current position in the rack. Is this possible already?! I can't find this option if it is there but it would be so useful. If I had a pound for every time I've tried to grab a knob/slider on a device with the mouse & accidentally picked it up, ready to drag the whole bloody thing to another location in the rack! Very frustrating. Right-click 'lock device in Rack' would be nectar Then simply right-click 'unlock device from rack' when you do actually want to move it. Simple
Yes please.
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..... ah, jeez! this seems to be driving me up the wall more than ever now!! I often use 'shift' when adjusting parameters for more accurate control. If you are holding shift when you ACCIDENTALLY MOVE THE BLOODY DEVICE instead of the intended parameter it actually un-cables the device!! God, this is so frustrating

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