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Feedback Organic Electro

Hi all. I've been using Reason since version 3 and I've really been enjoying the new audio tracking capabilities since 6.0 came out.

I've been trying to make some organic electronic songs, and I most recently did a collaboration with a buddy of mine. I feel like we're getting close to a sound that we like. I would really appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

Here's the track.

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Sounds good. I like the voice of the vocals. I can't make out any words. Maybe you intended that.
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Nice song,. I've just listened in my headphones, sounds good to me but I felt the kick could havea little more punch. Hope it helps.
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Thanks for the feedback.

I was just kind of jamming on the vocals and that's what came out, sort of half committed syllables.

For the kick, I was wondering if you had any advice on bringing it out more? I doubled the kick and set up a side chain submix through a mixer and sent it to the keys of most rhythm tracks. I boosted the lows at 80hz and the attack higher up around 2-4khz. Maybe it was the sample I was using for the kick itself, which was a standard disco kick from Reason's stock Redrum sounds.

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