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Ok I have just uploaded without the drums, done nothing with horns yet and I know i need to work on them a bit more.

I do appreciate all your feedback as this is a great learning curve not only for me but for anyone else following.



Edit I think Iv'e nailed the horn choppiness by adding some more attack time will upload later

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Ok here it is with another hit of changes

Or tho there are no drums in this thing because they are muted, the piece is controlled mainly by two autoarps feeding two kongs which in turn are feeding everything else via CV gates out of the kongs.

As usual comments are welcome good or bad.


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Jazz is all about the bass, Yo.

My recommendation for jazz bass is actually very simple on the technical side:
Make the "Soft Petals" sound in Reason (which is under "instruments" then under "Electric Piano") have higher Decay than usual (I do +20 on the middle nob that reads "Decay," not the rightmost nob that reads "Decay").

But it's trickier on the songwriting side, because you need intuition for it. It took me a long time to get this part of it down. Anyway, you'll need to have it play notes at unexpected times (while still often playing a note at the beginning of each measure), with the occasional really fast part that comes in as a surprise. Perhaps, a good first step would be trying to imitate the bass in Matchbox 20's If You're Gone - it's not super snazzy/jazzy/makeyouwanttogetupandshakethatgroovething bass, but I can see the jazz bass influence in it (that's what jazz bass + soft rock equals, IMHO).

Anyway, your stuff certainly shows potential. I know horns are one of the lacking sounds in Reason 4.0, so I understand how that's hard to do here. As a result, I haven't tried to make gentle horn sort of sounds with Reason 4.0; I've just tried to make triumphant horn sort of sounds. Do stick with it, for sure.

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