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Old 2012-12-30, 22:36
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Someone would most likely do this if the SDK would allow for direct graphic rendering to a buffer for visualisation. From what I've read here the SDK can only display different predefined bitmaps and there is an individual bitmap for each position of a knob or each state of a LED.
So right now only a coarse spectrum analyser would be possible... oh wonder, we already got one of those in the BV512.

p.s.: Also you can just use Friture listening on your stereomix from your sondcard.
Old 2013-01-28, 04:21
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Originally Posted by Manslick View Post
Probably not the best, but Audacity has one. Free.

What are you using it for?
To see were is the peak of my sound ! For a better mix !
Old 2013-01-28, 07:34
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We are working on a Spectrum Analyser now, 31 adjustable bands, between 8Hz and 22kHz, so you can get between ranges (logarithmic spacing, so if set low to 20Hz and high to 20kHz every 10 bars is 1 octave ie 20Hz = band 1, band 11 = 200Hz, band 21 = 2000Hz, band 31 = 20000Hz)

Look up the thread 'Project EYE CANDY'

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