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Old 2012-12-02, 16:38
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Originally Posted by EQBeats View Post
I'm trying to get to know my P4 but i cant find the user guide anywhere... Does anybody have a link?
Did you register the board (serial #) at their site yet?
Full docs are there and searchable under "support page" iirc
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Old 2013-01-29, 16:04
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"When you install the P4 in Reason you get the normal P4 keyboard device AND you get a mixer device. So, the p4 actually gets recognized as two devices. "
- Bingo! and, Thank you, BrrrPeoples !

Originally Posted by SteveDiverse
"The Axiom Pro 61 weighs just under 14 pounds, which makes it a lot more portable."
For that, Ill hand on to my AxP as well. Solid Keyboard.

"If you have never mapped your own controller patches then the P4 would be very beneficial. If you are experienced in making your own controller mapping and can easily decipher manuals that don't match the way your software works, then you'll do great with the Axiom Pro. I guess there is a bit of a learning curve difference, where the P4 has an easy going learning curve and the Axiom is a bit steeper.'

If that case, I may struggle through for a bit and learn what works the hard way before I get the P6.

btw, I own the AxP 61 and love the keys. Will I miss them with the P6 (weighted)?

Thanks for your help,
Old 2013-01-29, 16:40
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Originally Posted by one1byke View Post
btw, I own the AxP 61 and love the keys. Will I miss them with the P6 (weighted)?

Thanks for your help,
That's a completely subjective question. I think the keys are excellent on the P4/P6. Many previous AxP owners agree. Then again, many don't. YMMV...
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Old 2013-04-29, 18:04
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I just got a P6 and it's absolutely divine. Best controller I've ever used in my life.
Old 2013-05-02, 23:52
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P6 Problem

Had my P6 for a couple of months now and love it, but I seem to have developed a problem.

Downloaded Reason 7 yesterday, P6 working fine.

Today, after working on a track for about an hour, the "Instrument" button seems to have stopped working. (Mixer, Transport and Internal are fine).

When I press "Instrument" the screen doesn't change, even though the LED lights up.

I've tried a factory reset and updated the firmware, but still nothing.

Knowing me, it's probably something really simple that I haven't spotted.

Any thoughts anyone ?
Old 2013-05-03, 02:02
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Hi musicmath,

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Panorama P6.
If you have not already, please create a support request here: Contact Support

Best Regards,
Justin Sullivan
Nektar Technology
Old 2013-05-03, 19:05
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Problem now solved via Facebook message.

Thank you Justin and Nektar team for such a prompt reply.

Damn, these guys are good
Old 2013-05-03, 23:45
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Originally Posted by musicmath View Post
Problem now solved via Facebook message.
So maybe you can share it with us? I got P4 and would to know what to do if problem occurs.
Old 2013-05-04, 00:23
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Sure, the reply I got was:

I just checked with Support and was told that it's more likely to be your port configuration. Please check your "Nektar Panorama" control surface driver and make sure they are set up as per image 2 and that Mixer mode is set up as image 4 in this link:

Worked like a charm
Old 2013-05-04, 01:06
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They managed 2 updates this week, in very quick succession.

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