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Old 2013-01-29, 20:00
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First post, new to Reason, Can I ask for assistance here?

Let me start by saying thank you for any suggestions, and this software is excellent! Howdy to the forums.

I have browsed the big list of tutorials sticky but couldn't find any help with what I am trying to do. It is likely a simple matter to an experienced user.

I have a Yamaha keyboard hooked into my laptop via a Midisport Uno. It is working great.
I am recording basic piano/synth compositions.
Due to the latency issue between playing the keys on my keyboard and Reason playing them back to me, I am muting the volume on my computer and listening to the audio from my keyboard thus allowing Reasons Piano pactch to record the input without the latency audio effect affecting my playing.

Thanks for listening, here is the problem;
When I Start the beat tempo on my keyboard, Reason of course picks that up, however, Reason interprets it as piano, as it is coming in as signal from the keyboard through reasons piano patch. instead of the drum beat that I am hearing, listening to the keyboard audio directly and it ruins the composition.

I have attached a screenshot of my sequencer, at the top in the peach colored area, you see all the notes coming from my keyboard, both tempo and my playing.

My question is, how can I remove the notes that were created by the tempo, or change them to a drum beat like I am hearing direct from the keyboard?

Any help would be most appreciated, apologies if this is a ridiculous question, I am very new to this.

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Old 2013-01-29, 20:16
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Why not mute the piano in the mixer, and use Reason's tempo click instead of the keyboard's?
Old 2013-01-29, 21:02
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Install an ASIO driver and you wan't have the latency problem.

Use ASIO4ALL if you don't have anything else.
Old 2013-01-29, 23:03
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Originally Posted by Sozo1 View Post
Reason interprets it as piano, as it is coming in as signal from the keyboard through reasons piano patch. instead of the drum beat that I am hearing, listening to the keyboard audio directly
MIDI is just notes, not sound.

With your keyboard connected via midisport, the sound on your keyboard is not going to reason - only the notes.

since you are sending the notes to a piano patch, you hear piano. change the combinator to a drum patch, and you will hear drums.

if you want to record the sound from your keyboard you need to connect the audio output from the keyboard to the audio input on your computer (i.e., audio interface) and then send that to an audio track.

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Old 2013-01-29, 23:22
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Thank you all!

Your suggestions were very helpful, @ Reasoner - I installed the Asio 4 All driver and now my latency is way down and I can play without the delay, most appreciated! @ lunastationadj - your suggestion led me to adding a drum machine into the rack and using it to create a tempo... I think that is what you were saying? If it is, I can do that now with the ASIO driver and low latency and be able to play along with it.
If you are saying that there is another way, I would be greatful if you could explain.
@SteveDiverse, yes I understand that, the problem was that I wanted the tempo beat that my keyboard creates to sound like the tempo it creates and not the piano patch in Reason. but as both the notes that I play and the tempo are coming from my keyboard, Reason routes both through the piano patch, making the beat that I hear through the hadphones, sound like the piano patch, I wanted to route the beat to a different track essentially, utilizing a drum patch. Now with the low latency of the ASIO driver, I can leave the tempo off on my keyboard and use a drum machine from within reason for the tempo. If I can figure out how to make a drum beat lol.
Thank you again all.

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