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Old 2013-01-30, 10:53
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Of course they care. They make their living from giving real customers a better life. Sadly for some of us what the designers deem of most interest is not exactly what we think we want right now. That said I didn't think I wanted an Alligater but I'm not unhappy I have one now.

A business has to look at the big picture and make assumptions and commit to a long game. So far Props long game is a hair off immaculate as their product is the best in its chosen arena.

I often feel that the real question being asked in these threads is do they care about you personally, like what you had for dinner and that your wife hates your cooking? Not at all and nor should they. That would simply be a waste of their time which would guarantee a poorer life enhancement for the target market.

If it offends you that you aren't the target market then I guess the issue is yours to investigate.

Customers are NOT always right. That is a damaging fallacy for all involved. You have the right to set your modus operandi and that should be defended so why should another person/entity/business not have the same rights? If Props came to your door and started making demands about how you lived your life it would be considered improper. You would simply tell them to but out.

Props didn't do that to you, they asked what would make you happy and then put that into their plan collation process. Even tho they made RE I bet there is still a file called VST with ideas for and against.

This is not a personal attack but a response to all the threads like this that start and have no place in this Forum (or I think even world). If you have requests then pop them in the Feature Request bin and move along without this narcissistic foot stamping

Benedict Roff-Marsh
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