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Old 2013-01-31, 04:02
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Originally Posted by Rakrum View Post
I have that problem with writing for film, but chose the tool for the job.

I don't have a rack of hardware analogue synth modules. So I got Reason. And it's awesome for that. I can't afford a Moog (not sure how the filters compare, but....) and many people are the same.

Reason gives me those tools.

If I want to write in music notation for video, Logic has the best notation implementation (besides Sibelius for proTools) and now Logic is only $200. So if you have different jobs, you should have different tools.

Hard to make a living as a landscaper with lawnmower but no leaf blower or weed whacker (see: using a "DAW" but not having Reason)

Of course, this is just me, but sometimes the right tool for the job looks like a toy. Doesn't mean you can't do WORK with it!
So I guess reason is the weed whacker of DAW's lol. I like reason but I'm starting to feel what the original post was stating, think about it, if you want your yard to look good but only could afford to have a weed whacker or a lawn mower which one would you get?
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Old 2013-01-31, 04:07
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C'mon, EVERYTHING is just a toy!
Jon Heal
Reason 7.0.1 • A computer • A few boxes that do something or other • Virtually no talent and/or skill

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Old 2013-01-31, 04:19
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Reason is not a toy; it's a tool just like any other tool, and should be treated that way. With that being said, this thread should be deleted. LOL
Old 2013-01-31, 04:58
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Reason MUST be a toy. I have more fun playing with it than should be normal for a man of my age!

But seriously what the Hell does 'Pro' mean anyway?! Some DAW's I've used have not been much fun to use at all. But maybe that's not the point? Maybe a 'serious' tool is so defined by it being somewhat boring to use in order to get a job done. Is serious work supposed to be fun? Can it be serious or 'Pro' if it's something that you really, really enjoy using because it's fun whilst getting a job done?

Fair enough the 'toy' label often fired at Reason by some may be derived from it lacking some fundamental features that many of us would like to see. But this doesn't detract from everything else that Reason is more than capable of doing & then some Toy, Pro, entry level .... whatever! These things are ALL tools at the end of the day as far as I'm concerned. They all have the potential to get the job done if used correctly & creatively.

I think the tools available are defined by the people using them, not the tools themselves. Sit a baboon in front of a top end Pro Tools rig & what are you going to get out of it?! Bananas!! Is it 'Pro'? It depends on who's using it & what they are going to do with it, surely?! I'd prefer if we didn't label things 'toy', 'Pro', 'Amateur' etc. With that in mind I think Pro Tools should be re-named 'Dull Tools' or something .... or maybe just 'Tools', because that's all it is
Old 2013-01-31, 07:15
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Old 2013-01-31, 08:52
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Reason is a toy anyway, not because it lacks something, but because it's so fun to use.
The features missing in Reason 6.5 are not stopping you to archive your goal - making Pro sounding music that is.
Well, I'd understand if Reason would still lack audio in and 3rd party plugins, but that's not the case anymore.

Audio quantize isn't needed to record good sounding audio, now is it?
The features that people hope to see are nowdays "Second Hand" features. (Not important at all).

To me, Reason is the best option to make music. I've heard often enough that my music sounds Pro and I've heard lot of great music made with Reason. This is all that matters in the end - we are able to make top quality music - so why call it a toy?
Old 2013-01-31, 09:29
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wow well i have to agree with some of you guys who basically emphasised on the fact that reason is music making TOY just like all other music software and also go some where else wheer you will find joy. on the other side we should'nt be in denail that reason lacks some of the features that makes it almost a perfect DAW and lets not try to be defensive also. we need to acknowledge the facts tabled here and make a proposal to PROP's on what could be done to make us all happy (yah well i know we will not be all happy ) as we are all REASON fanatics. yah well reason cannot be a REWIRE host or lacking some audio editing features like De-esser and many more but still all DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATIONS lack something at the end of the day. We just need to allow PROP's to improve on reason. at the moment atleast reason meets us halfway and that is complete music making in one DAW and in a simple flow
Old 2013-01-31, 10:21
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As I have always said (and thought) Reason is a great song starter...
Old 2013-01-31, 18:21
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I have been in a serious 12-year creative love affair with Reason, my first experience having done all the synth work on a progressive metal album with Reason 1.0, and since then numerous other projects with Reason such as video games, film scoring, and other CD projects.

So I'm probably not the guy to give an unbiased opinion about the software, since to me, it has only grown to fit MY personal ideal workflow more and more over time. I feel spoiled because when I use Reason, I don't have to "think" about the UI, which allows me to stay in a flowing creative frame of mind.

"Sgt. Pepper's" was recorded on a 4-track, and Wendy Carlos had to build her own 8-track and co-design new synths with Bob Moog before "Switched on Bach" could become a reality in '68.

Even my own wife has stories of studying electronic music with Ussachevsky and having to generate tones, then painstakingly cut and splice tape in order to create music.

I myself cut my electronic music teeth on an old ARP 2600 and a 4-track. That and writing 6502 and x80 assembly code to generate tones on computers with no sound chip.

In comparison, Reason seems like a magic miracle.

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Just curious, what is the name of your band?
Did someone already made the Kessel Run with less than twelve Parsecs?

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