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Bands Using Reason

I am new to Reason and just wondering why more bands i.e. Rock and Punk are not using this as their go to DAW. I am finding everything I need here for the band I am working with. I have searched the Forum and the web and dont seem to see anyone listed as doing so. Am I missing something? I understand this a great product for Electronic artists but for a band it has everthying as well. Please let tme know your thoughts. After all I have watched videos of many guitairsts on YouTube using it but not bands?
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We abandoned SONAR for it. There's a few of us 'bands' using it but there also aren't a lot of bands here. Most are individual artists and electronic is the best medium for that expression. Not many can play every instrument so that's why you 'see' electronic but if you dig deeper into the forum and give it some time you'll start to see the rock / punk bands here.

The new track below is all recorded and mixed in Reason. Only the accenting bouncy synth in the last half is a Reason device sound. The rest is all guitar sounds. [edit] Sorry the drum samples are RDK2 samples.
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| new reijo track - storm on lead guitar

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Someone made a thread awhile ago to try and list any bands who uses Reason in their setup, although the list is mainly dance and electro, and is pretty impossible to compile a conclusive list of all bands using reason, it's still an interesting list:
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Man, it has to be an outer body experience for Adam Fielding and RasCricket, well known Pheads-forum-contributers, to see their names on a list like that. Hope to see myself on the list one day soon
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I do know that there are a number of successful users on this forum who have used Reason in their productions. I myself are by no means a great or successful musician, i'm borderline hobbyist/musician, although I have performed live using reason, mainly backing electronics for symphony and orchestral like performances (part of my work here at london symphony orchestras digital tech group). Myself and my friend use Reason to record all our work, on our own this is mainly electronic varied stuff, together we try get some kind of free industrial blues like sound going, my friend or I on bass, and using Reasons amazing sounds.

There is also another friend of mine who plays acoustic guitar, kind of folk like stuff and he sings, I record all these sessions to Reason, and we're also looking to do more and venture into some 'Acoustic Metal' and get some electronics going (he used to make house music and gig with ReBirth quite a few years ago).

I guess it depends on the person using it, if you straight up just enjoy making music no matter what then it's very hard to find anything about reason to despise, but for some people it's just not another and they absolute crave and swear that their lives are ruined with out things such as audio quantize and MIDI OUT, which is just ridiculous on so many levels. So Reason is lacking a few features, isn't everything in life lacking something? It's never stopped anybody from expressing themselves. People these day's type up novels on computers, whereas some still write things down by hand, great novels, stories and pieces of writing are made either way.

I myself could never find myself using another DAW, i've used pro tools and logic and I hate them for composing, I don't mind their mixing environment though, but for me Reason is my number one stop for amazing sounds and sound processing capabilities.
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maybe there's some confusion on the term 'band'...

A band is an ensemble and the OP asked about ensembles in the rock / punk vein to see if those types of artists are using Reason. It didn't appear to be a statement on Reason itself and advantages / disadvantages. I think he just wanted to know if there are any rock or punk traditional ensembles (rock bands / punk bands) here.

If I look at that list, those are individual artists and individuals who collaborate with other individual artists.

Maybe I'll ask the question, who here is producing and composing as a true band? An ensemble, a cast of musicians, even a duet qualifies. Even in electronic styles....who here is a band? I think that was the OP's point of questioning. We are four members of a band who perform on stage together and write and record together with 2 of us being the songwriters of the band. Groove Armada being a good example from that list.

From that 'Artist' list, I count six bands (but have no real clue) so it's kind of proving the OP's point. Are there Bands using Reason?

The latest video had a 'band' are they a real a band that record and perform together? And are they users on the forum?
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Thanks everyone for the follow up i'm enjoying the responses to my original post. Storm Canada great track! Storm Canada had my idea right on. I was referring to entire bands / performing bands. Everyone i've spoken with seems to have an infatuation with ProTools, Cubase etc.. I myself was even gravitating in that direction before learning so much about Reason. I'm not knocking the other DAW's but Reason suits what i'm doing and i'm sure it could for others as well. Propellerhead seemed to have some marketing in this vein with Record. Not sure why they are not now.
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i use Reason for backing tracks. especially with drums in case my drummer can't make it to the gig. we mainly do reggae.
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Check out Dream Level 7 (also known as DL7, unfortunately now defunct) on Facebook and Myspace. They were an Industrial/Goth band from the Atlanta area who used Reason extensively both in the studio and live. They did some awesome work. See if you can find their cover of "White Wedding"--it'll knock your socks off. Everything else they did was original and was of very high quality.
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I'll bite...

I use Reason among other things for my personal stuff, as well as recording my band at practice and for the music we put out. As a recording DAW, I'd wager it is as powerful as any, and it makes the mixer side of things just shine on another level. It is very fast and painless.

It doesn't go on stage with us though. As a surf tinged roots based band, we have no use for synth burps and drum machine beats. My personal stuff is full of that though LOL.
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