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Rate my beat please

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The beat is nice - I don't know if you intended the Bassdrum sounding a bit overpowered or not, but otherwise I think it sounds nice.
PS - I think the pads sound a bit like "Rainbow Six's" music - which is a good think as I like the music of that game.
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I also like the track! The mix is a little too strong tho. If you pulled the whole mix back a tad, it should sound a bit more pleasing to the ear.
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You know..... that I'm in love....., and you should know..., and you should know... that I'm in love with youuuuu, that I'm in love with youuuuu - sorry got a few beers already, kinda can smoothly be sing on da beat!
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Which means that beat is great!
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Thank you all I really appreciate the feedback and will take the advice given that's what It's all about helping each other grow and be better musicians
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Yes its too compressed, in my monitors its clearly hearable that things get repressed by either some element with a high volume (maybe the beat) or compression. A waste if you'd ask me Fix it!
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A lot of very good elements in this track. As others have said, if you can work on your mixing a bit more, it would be great for this track.

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Dreambeatz music

Originally Posted by sharethaj View Post

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You wanted me to rate the beat, so I beat it while listening to it.

I rate the beat sub-par because it was a sub-par orgasm. Musically, I enjoyed it. Chord progression was nice. I agree with the over-powering kick & Synths.

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