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Old 2013-02-01, 21:41
corky4strings corky4strings is offline
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i guess you never got help i'm haveing the same problem. i have signal in reasons but i can't get any signal to my motu 828mk3. i tried all my other software and it works fine. reason recognized my motu as the driver. i even tried changing the inputs in my motu audio set up. tried mic/instrument 1, and 2. analog 1, and 2 still no signal going to my motu.
Old 2013-09-13, 19:54
DanielFavio DanielFavio is offline
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Please tell me how you work this problem out. I need to re-amp my guitar recordings through the output of my focusrite saffire 56 without creating feedback. So far the only thing that comes out of my 56 is the entire reason mix including the reason master mix that contains the input comimg from the amp that I am using to reap through thus creating the feedback loop.
Old 2013-09-13, 20:34
mnieuwhof mnieuwhof is offline
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Originally Posted by gaznorris View Post
im using a motu 828mk3 interface, now does anyone know how to route audio out of reason to the motu's analogue outputs????? i can not work it out. cheers
Go to the Reason Preferences and go to audio setup and select all the active output channels you have available.
Then you will get above the master section more available outputs (yellow dots).
Just rewire audio to one of the outputs and off you go!

I have a Motu Ultralite MK3...


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