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Old 2013-01-31, 10:05
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Originally Posted by helmutson View Post
I think they care . Example : nearly everybody screamed for audio in/rec. since Reason 1.0 , they listen very well aaaaaand boooom : in Reason 5.0 we got audio in/rec. !
It's maybe not as fast as other companys , but muuuuuuuch better ...
O.K. - that was a little bit sarcastic , but seriously - I love the way they working and I love their stuff and I'm tired of all that moaning : "I need this and I need that , because I can't work without it ... " . It's so stupid . I had made music with a 4track tape recorder and much fun with this tool too ... if you got no ideas or creativity , no software can help you and otherwise - one of the best songs happend with very limited equipment ... mmmh , you young padawans got no patience (...and I was exactly like you)
Yeah it's not like Reason 6.5 isn't enough already now. After we get midi in and other features, the same guys come back to cry that there's more needed.
Old 2013-01-31, 10:15
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Originally Posted by jkheal View Post
I can imagine that one of Propellerhead's biggest concerns now is, "What the heck are we going to add in the next version that some RE jamoke isn't going to beat us to the punch with?!?"
Maybe ONE more update with MIDI out, native ReCycle and a couple plugins that the RE SDK won't allow (spectrum analyzer) but then Reason will be more or less "finished", complete.

Technically they won't need a new version every year now that they get a share from every RE sale to stay afloat.

But then again they're in the same situation as many DAWs who can't really improve either and would have trouble justifying a full price for an "upgrade". Difference being THEY still make money.

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Originally Posted by pirnikas View Post
After we get midi in and other features, the same guys come back to cry that there's more needed.
I have that....
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Old 2013-01-31, 10:46
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I agree that Props do care. Not many companies have senior management pop on on the user forum to answer questions for starters.

The RE developers seem pretty good at answering queries on here and providing quick updates.

Personally I'm only short of a few features like group channels, beat recognition, drag'n'drop and improved sampler/recycle integration. Then my only real interest will be improvement in REs as the SDK evolves.

So, that does leave Props with a problem. How can they charge for future upgrades? This is probably why they introduced REs. Adding midi out will probably be their last dying gesture
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Old 2013-01-31, 17:24
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I personally like Propellerhead's bad boy rebel without a cause attitude. Never know whats gonna come next, it just does what it wants, y'know? So.. bad... *swoons*
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Old 2013-02-01, 23:31
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Lol all points well taken and valid......some of them had me rolling on the floor...but i still hope they impliment the simple. Shoot....we all want ...holla

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