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Originally Posted by nickmorgan19457 View Post
It just didn't do anything for me. If it had an output level control, I might have kept it. Other than PX7, Morphin, and Pulsar, there hasn't been any REs that I felt I "needed", so I've removed everything I've tried.
Sorry, that was a bit of a joke. The "ReFill" I mentioned...

Saturation Knob dial has 104 settings and there's a switch with 3 positions, which makes 312 finite settings.

The "ReFill" had all 312 settings.

and there wasn't much difference between setting the knob at 67,68,69...

"Delete" is/was perhaps a fitting action to have taken

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Originally Posted by motuman View Post
Indeed. However, would it not behoove a company to reward its most loyal customers? In this day and age of tracking purchases and customer reward programs, I think it's a bit insulting to ignore customers who contribute the largest sum towards a company's profits on a consistent basis.
You have a very good point. I think it *is* in a company's best interest to give special treatment to existing customers. It's always easier to sell into your existing userbase, than find new customers. But it also introduces logistical questions (that I've wrestled with myself in my business) such as how to ensure only the valid customers get the special offer (so coupon codes are out), how to track who has gotten what deal (not hard but still something to deal with), how to handle people who bought right after a special deal was offered and are upset, and other odds & ends.

Still at the end of the day, I'd personally like to seem some bundles. There are many REs (most of them in fact) that I just can't quite justify buying on their own... but if they came bundled together and gave some sort of discount in so doing, I probably wouldn't be able to resist!
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I wish people would quit complaining about the prices! Maybe better developers would make some RE's. So far I think softube is one of the best developers making REs and it's no wonder their taking their time porting their other REs. I wonder how many users who use other DAWS complain about vst prices. We pay way less money for softube REs than if we wanted the vst version.

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