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Originally Posted by rosario View Post

This is the Reason why I stopped using Record, yet another USB KEY. It’s bad enough I have to have one with Nuendo, but I paid $1700 for that, so it's a bit easier to swallow because its worth so much more. So stupidly, I thought I would try again with Reason 6.


I paid the 40 bucks for my replacement key
Took 3 weeks to come in the mail
Sent the email the first week to deactivate all previous ignition keys
Finally get key I can’t even use it

WTF, all I get from support is

Thanks for contacting Propellerhead Software support. Your e-mail has been received, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Not good enough people, get it together if you want to keep me as a customer.

And you wonder why people hack your shit, honestly.
You're right! Propellerhead Customer Care should help you as soon as possible!
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Reason 6 installed... no problems... works like a charm... I was worried about installing it because of all the problems I read about....
I don't know what people are going on about having troubles with their dongle or with registering .... it took me about 2 minutes... duh
Of course it was not a replacement dongle
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Thank goodness support rest my lost ignition key so I could register my new one finally. And it is done!

Thank you Craig Walsh from support!

I wish there was a better process for this so I would not have to bitch to the entire world about it.
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Originally Posted by rosario View Post
I wish there was a better process for this so I would not have to bitch to the entire world about it.
But that's the thing, you didn't have to. You used the correct support channel and Craig sorted you out. They're software developers, not miracle workers
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Right on Brother!
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Originally Posted by Smedberg View Post
It's the 90 percent users of cracked versions that are the cause of this. So direct your anger in a more appropriate direction.
Absolutely. It can be a right pain in the arse when you have problems with it working (as I have recently! ), you loose it or break it. Sadly thought it's a necessary evil which we just have to live with. And I don't think it's just about Propellerheads protecting their product. They are protecting legit users as well from having software they have spent money on simply being ripped off by pirates. So as much as a pain in the rear end though it is everything balances out in the end
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Agreed, it could be improved vastly by storing each RE with a separate license. I had an issue were I bought a new RE and the license laptop was down. It initiated the change then I lost access to every RE I had purchased!

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