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check out my new youtube channel

i´m a german hiphop-beat producer of passion. i´m always looking out for good mc´s (male or female) to do projects and of course i´m looking out for other producers who like to do some collaboration stuff.

to all hiphop heads...listen to my new channel on youtube:

5 beats (prod. with reason) are available at the moment. new stuff is coming soon and will be added gradually. have a nice day.

thx for feedback

p.s. sorry for my shitty english...i prefered to make music instead of going to english classes
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Greetings. I've checked out the two most recent videos on your feed.

I like your sound, its organic, but yet with a trip-hop and chill tang to it. They aren't dark, yet they have a chilling atmospheric mood. Keep up the good work.

Would you mind returning the feedback?
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THX for answering so fast. Certainly, I´ll check your tracks

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