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Originally Posted by alternating.bit View Post
I've found these reactions interesting, and actually surprising. Even though we've grown out of the need for hard synths, I would have thought at least from some synth veterans here a different reaction.
I've certainly not grown out of the need for hardware synths. And here's why .....

I guess I'm thinking of more of the nostalgic action of flipping a power switch and PLAY with nothing holding me back from inspiriation such as truncating window screens, a mouse, or all of the non-tactile aspects of software.
.... and there it is. It's not just about sound. Sometimes it's nice to be able to play an instrument .... without having to boot up the bloody computer!!

Granted I have a nice controller keyboard and an additional control surface, but still... come on... can't a guy have a nice synth on the side to tinker with?
Controllers are of course fantastic & we have an amazing array available to use these days. But I've not used or seen a single controller that comes more than half way to being the tactile hands on experience of actually using a real instrument. You know, you want to tweak the filter cut-off so you grab the filter cut-off knob as opposed to 'rotary encoder #1' that you've mapped to something else software of hardware.

Ever see how an established musician will start a project sitting at a grand piano for the early stages of writing a song before going to the studio?... This could be my grand piano. :P
Of course. Synthesizers are to electronic musicians what the grand piano is to a composer ..... of more conventional music.

But yeah,... $3,000 is an expensive toy though. I'd be better off getting an old used Roland for $500
In all seriousness, I've listened to your music on YouTube & I really like it. I'm a 70's baby, 80's child. I grew up on Euro Synth Pop so your stuff appeals to me. So I have to say if I were you & was wanting a new synth to compliment my musical style I'd be seriously looking at something like the new Moog Sub Phatty. It's a third the price of the Virus (well, it will be when it comes out), is completely hands on & has an amazing range of sound that I think would compliment your music really well. Much more so than the Dark Star .... but that's just my opinion. Horses for courses.

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