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Old 2013-02-05, 22:48
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Originally Posted by devilfish View Post
we should start now

and +1 for the mailbox suggestion *thumbs up!
That's actually not a bad idea. Will give even more people time to come up with patches

Originally Posted by JiggeryPokery View Post
Ladies and Gents, we have a Winner!

Lol indeed. I tried but their PM boxes were full
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Old 2013-02-05, 23:32
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Originally Posted by Dave909 View Post
+1! 50 messages is not a lot to say the least lol.
Yeah, and in reality if you reply that actually halves the number to just 25. Makes it kinda difficult to have a conversation. And as Jon noted above, my PM box rapidly fills up after I empty it, and I expect other RE devs must be finding the same. Of course people should really contact all of us via our official RE channels, but often it's just simpler for people just to click "send PM" via the forum.

Reveived PMs are sent to the recipients regular email as well, but if you reply via PM, you only get a copy of your reply as "sent messages". I'm not sure sending sent messages to regmail would help. I should probably export them to a file more, of course: it's not as though PH don't offer a way to back it up! Managing those offline feels rather clumsy to me.

In this day and age though, I'm sure PH could provide a one or even two hundred message mailbox.
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Old 2013-02-06, 14:06
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Really don't get PH sometimes, yea, guys? It's one click to make change from 50 till 500!

Been asked lots of times!
Old 2013-02-06, 14:33
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Yeah for RE devs it must be even more frustrating. The box is full before you know it. A few hundred would be nice
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