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1 note to chord tool


are there tools out there that take a single note and turn it into a chord for you?
i am on a 64 bit windows 7 pc...i vaguely remember there being 'tool sets' to be downloaded that would do stuff like this, but after searching the web for a day i
am still coming up nil...any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks

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Originally Posted by Djstarski View Post if you got reason 6.5 use this .
Or this:
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Here you go, and here...
Total numpty doin' his own thing for the craic and relaxation - it's cheaper than a therapist, and more satisfying.
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thanks for your help

i picked up auto arp and cv revolt processor which are really cool
i also picked up 3rd floor sound bundle of 'the theory'
tomorrow i plan on getting the illustrated piano book of chords...



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