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Originally Posted by Tizzybanger View Post
I respect what your saying and I respect propellerhead. Im not saying I hate them or anything and im not crazy mad at them like that. Now that thats clear how many employess do you need to add things thats standard in a DAW like advance audio editing Midi out VST support These are simple things that everybody thats a reason head been requesting for years. Can you explain that! The same small team was able to come up with RE,blocks,record,and a host of other things over the years. That excuse you gave really dosnt count for anything..Those three things I mention above were being requested for some years now...
Many Reason users do not want those features believe it or not. I use vsts all of the time and I don't care about Reason having vst support or midi out and I do not see them coming to Reason any time soon. Reason is meant to be self contained. Audio made sense because its still self contained and an essential part of the music making process. I would prefer to see bussing on the SSL and better audio editing and a few more improvements to the core DAW features than vst support or midi out.

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