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You cannot claim they "get big bucks" without having the slightest idea what their overhead and expenses are. Software development is a costly and largely thankless job and the end user rarely has any idea of just what it took to get the point of what they hold in their hands.

Personally, I think it's lame for example that Reason can't be used as a ReWire host, when it was the Props who developed the protocol in the first place.

But, what I think is irrelevant. They make what they want to make for their own reasons. They can choose to do what the users ask for, or not. It's entirely up to them.

Say what you will about Steve Jobs for instance... but he absolutely did not believe in "focus groups" or any other sort of "listening to the people" as a driving force behind his products. And judging by the success of Apple's product lines since he came back to head the company... I'd have to say he was right in so doing. Regardless of what I may think, he was right to do it his way.

The Props are doing things their way. We may not always agree with it, in which case we can vote with our wallets and buy their competitor's products instead. And then complain about all the things those products don't do, or do in a way we don't agree with.

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