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View Poll Results: Select as many things as you want for R7!
grouping 111 77.08%
rack labeling 40 27.78%
audio quantize 97 67.36%
midi out 79 54.86%
spectrum analyzer 92 63.89%
multiband compressor 52 36.11%
deesser 42 29.17%
more colors to choose from 56 38.89%
Line 6 overhaul (better amps) 54 37.50%
mono button/feature 45 31.25%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 144. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2012-11-02, 09:57
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Originally Posted by Mate View Post
Spectrum Analyzer has won anyway!

i´m sure it will come in R7 !
Old 2013-02-02, 00:31
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The spectrum analyzer can be created with a BV512 Vocoder, a line mixer, a spider audio, and a bit of genius. Just connect the Master Section Master Out of the Modulator Input (microphone) of the BV512 vocoder.

*** However, it is more essential phase analyzer for mastering, because that can not be created with the current devices in the rack.

*** Although it would be nice a Spectrum Analyzer Factory, and more accurate.
Old 2013-02-02, 01:23
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Pressed everything. I expect even more in R7 tho
Check out Dave909
Old 2013-02-02, 07:48
Plainfaced's Avatar
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Nice to see that groups are up there as number 1
Old 2013-02-02, 18:07
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Originally Posted by Plainfaced View Post
Nice to see that groups are up there as number 1
What are "groups" in this context? Audio sub-mixes? Fader groups? Edit groups? Clip groups? I vote YES for all of the above, and hope to see all of these features added in Reason and not just one or two of them. :-)
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Old 2013-02-03, 06:38
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SNB1 SNB1 is online now
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Grouping mixer faders- Yes
Rack labeling- Don't need it. Already have my racks set up a certain way where I know what is what.
Audio quantize- Yes
Midi out- Dont need it.
Spectrum Analyzer- Already in development as a RE.
Multiband Compressor- Already a RE.
DeEsser- Already a RE. Would like the one from Massey though.
More colors to choose from?- Probably not. Im good with the ones I got.
Better amps- Umm, would like to try the ones from Softube.
Mono button- Already created one in my template. Press a button on my midi keyboard and walla. Mono.

Here is my wishlist again. Please props. Add these.

Muting midi notes (Another flexible way to create an arrangement in a non-destructive way.)

Using the razor tool with midi notes (with a faster way to chop long notes into 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 ext)

Display notes on midi notes and piano roll (will make it much faster to transpose notes to different octaves and just other places on the grid. Also another great way to see note relationship easily and on the fly when creating a piece that stays in harmony.)

The ability to edit multiple midi clips at once. (Will make it much faster to create and edit the harmonic relationship between two or more instruments in any section of a song.)

The ability to edit the the beginning of a midi note. ( Which we should of been able to do already. Won't be to excited about this feature but hey come'on.)

Like I stated above, a faster way to chop not only midi but also audio clips into 1/4, 1/8 ext. (Do you know how long it took me just to cut a 4 minute 2 track song into 1/4 notes? Longer then what it should had.)

The ability to create strum chords from midi chords that are at the exact same position.( Just for the mouse musician or beginner pianist. Got to show love to them too.)

Ability to add colors to notes. ( I see this being most useful when your editing multiple midi clips just to differentiate between multiple instruments. It will probably be easier just to apply the color of the midi clip to the notes.)

As you can see, these are only 8 workflow enhancements. I highly recommend them.

Last but not least, Open the SDK limitations to developers because we need to be able to copy notes to track from the AutoArp.
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Old 2013-02-04, 09:31
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Multiband compressors, dessers, mono buttons, rack labeling?

These features are already in reason.
Unless im misunderstanding rack labeling (how hard is it to group instruments/devics in a combinator and label it)
Their are several ways to actually de ess in reason in the mixer or through the ''create studio effect' option
Not to mention the combinator multiband compressors, are perfectly fine

Do most users not understand how to utilize these? Or do they just prefer them to be 'actual' shiny devices?
Serious question.
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Old 2013-02-10, 03:08
Elthariel Elthariel is offline
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up this
Old 2013-03-05, 18:00
kingpinnsix kingpinnsix is offline
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for me, grouping and spectrum analyzer are two of the most important ones.. I waste so much time having to mix a track down so I can see it in a spectrum analyzer in a different Audio editing software. If my studio was near perfect I wouldn't need one, but its not so being able to see the rouge frequencies helps alot!!
Old 2013-03-05, 18:36
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where is audio delay compensation for audio latency caused by some devices in reason ?

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