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Old 2013-02-11, 17:24
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Originally Posted by mac0123 View Post
i have tried reaper and it and reason fail misserabally on my machines for what i need reason for ! rewire is not an option too many over heads in cpu usage using two daws !. and well to be honest when it says midi sequencer etc etc and then has you need a midi interface you sort of dont think ohh but does mean it does not put midi out ?? its a bit of a thing if it lacks the way midi works using a interface which normal 99 percent of the time is both in and out should they not actualy mke it clear on the box a midi interface for input of midi data ?. just mentioning that point .. dont get me wrong in i cant create and make what i want in reason but it cannot do what some of the kit i have can and it cannot produce the finnished sound i can using my out board processors or some of the other synths i have . sound wise the out board and the out board processing realy knocks the crap out of the sound i get from a computer . maybe its my comfort zone or just mastering with out board just does a better job to my ears but the difference to me is very audible in comparison and i like to use my out board effects and processors and etc and be able to automate them. and also one last point i can do a lot more in the synths i have without the dsp over heads and use reason to add the bits i love to use and also record the out back in to easily add layers to my tracks.
Well you can use outboard gear with reason... if you have a multi I/O interface that shouldn't be a problem.
Obviously not being able to sequence Synthesizers outside of Reason from inside Reason is an inconvenience, but if you're good at playing your synths, you'll be able to just play them and Record the Audio. If you're not a good player, perhaps now is a great time to learn?
I can see why you're upset, I just don't understand what you (or anyone for that matter) hope to achieve by letting everyone know.
There are many ways to conveniently make up for the lacks that Reason has, and hundreds of thousands of users all around the world do so every day, and have done for 12 years.
In the end it's not about the things the software lets you do, but what you make the software do.
If you're a good musician, you can make good music with a watering can and a fork. No need for software as thousands of years of music history have shown. And as I stated before, there are people who got over the complaining phase and are actually working on a convenient solution to get MIDI out of reason.
So you yourself could go out and do some research and come up with a solution.

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