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Originally Posted by VillaNDubstep View Post
It would be pretty cool with a controller but the way propellerhead would implement it would be interesting I think, seen as they like to do everything differently from everyone else. Would probably have to be a separate piece of software to keep reason simple but still be able to load RE's
but why a separate piece of software ?
it should be a mode , you open a reason mix session and that way they put faders on and for every tracks also a beat detectore that can auto match and done ! they can also add your feature that way and make it all crazy (it would become a mix of mixmeister and live but the unik Reason way)

I think it's got to be inside the software and not a side software so glitch and xf-morfin or buffer can work on those because they are made for it (dj mix fx) also a lot of dj's plug there dj set up on real synth to use the filters live.
so including the dj thing would make that possible and also use diverse RE az dj fx and filters for live shows

Originally Posted by Kovkov View Post
The only things you need and really work for DJ-ing is a pair of SL-1200/1210's.
that is tru if you got a lot of money to get a lot of records but I think DJ's using softwares arent that bad and some use both (computer and turn tables) I never liked cd dj's but on computers you can do so much things to your mix !

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


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