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Old 2013-02-12, 17:21
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Originally Posted by devdevk View Post
Thank you EnochLight,

I have a M-Audio Fast Track Ultra and it does not look like M-Audio/Numark has drivers or support for the FastTrack any longer.

I wanted to get another USB audio interface, but wanted to know if it is recommended that i get an Internal card for audio with Reason 6.

I hope you can point me in the right direction. Thank you
Ironically, the last soundcard I had before picking up Balance was an M-Audio Fastrack Ultra. What I noticed with Balance over the Fasttrack was with Balance I got far lower latency (a good thing) and it seemed louder. As far as going internal versus external, many professional soundcards on the market are external - you have less a risk of crosstalk between internal computer components by going external.

Keep in mind, Balance also doubles as an Ignition Key, so you'll no longer have the need to mess with that once you transfer your licenses to Balance. Sorry to come off so strong for recommending Balance, but as a Reasoner it's the best choice IMHO (assuming you don't need more than 2 inputs at a time).

Good luck!
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