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I recorded with Midi Monitor the notes that are played with the hi-hat. These include an A#1 without the pedal, and a F#1 with the pedal down. No other notes are made using the hi-hat, unless you count the G#1 from the hi-hat pedal. This is what I have specified in the NNXT. In Midi Monitor, I do not have the "echo" that I have in Reason.

With Reason, I made my own NNXT patch to match the specific notes according to my drum set. My open hi-hat is an F#, the hi=hat pedal is a G#1, and the open hi-hat is an A#1. The sounds I use are HH_CL_Disco_M for the closed hi-hat, and HH_OP_Disco_H for the open hi-hat. This is just what I started with as template. These sounds are from the default Reason Factory Sound Bank.

Here is a bit more info on the elctronic drum set itself:
4 Drum Pads, 3 Cymbals Pads, 1 Kick Trigger, 1 Hi-Hat Control Pedal
Controls: Power Switch, Start/Sop, Save, Kit, Voice/Volume, Song/Volume, Drum Off, Click, Hi-Hat, Crash Ride, Hi-Hat Control, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Kick, Volume +/-, Tempo/Tap
Connectors: Midi Out, Kick, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Ride, Crash, Hi-Hat Control, Kick, Aux.In, Output (L/Mone & R), Power Jack

Hi-hat control
Tom 1
Tom 2
Tom 3
Output (R & L/MONO)
Aux in

This is a picture of the problem and what happens in Reason:
The red notes are notes I actually played. The yellow notes are the ones that keep showing up. I think this could be a problem with the electronic drum set, but I haven't had this problem with any other program.

I think it could be an echo of the noise, because once in a while when hitting the hi-hat, I get a snare drum or crash cymbal to show up on the midi too. Those too have very low velocities. (In the picture the velocities are there, they are just very low.

I'm sorry that I didn't give much info at first. I thought it could have been a common problem.


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