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Originally Posted by JohannEmmanuel View Post
There is a good interview with Rein Narma and a joke made regarding people "complaining" about the authenticity of such "retro" aspects of the device he would probably change using current modern technology. retro doesnt always mean better, smart people always appreciate the new I suppose.

If the change is for the sound to be better and experienced peoples are saying so it must be worth changing.

Seeing as you mentioned izotope. Some huge latency with there vst plugins, I dont mind using them in a wave editor but tracking they require a powerfull computer.
Yeah, objectively any PC soundcard is better than all of the devices of an 80s studio. Its more about what you expect to get from these devices and how they deliver. There isn't *so* much magic about EQs per se but theres a lot to how you arrange the knobs, ranges and bell shapes I totally agree that DSP power is wasted to simulate the specific attenuation of some input cable of some old device though..

Also, I already said that a few times, its all about QC for audio devices and back then it was *expensive* to get out a device so you made sure it was right. Nowadays anyone can just put out some plugin and put some price tag on it. Most people sadly will then hear whatever the description says and the UI displays. There is however some emulations that just deliver: You get the same experience as with the hardware in terms of simple to achieve results that sound like you expect them from the device. And they went through great QC so you don't get an update with "sound quality improvements" a year later.. "So what gives? It sounded bad all the time I used it?"

Edit: Btw, great podcast @selig, thanks!
Plugin latency issues? Phasing on parallel channels? Want to know the real latency of your audio interface? Try the VMG-01!
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