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Originally Posted by JiggeryPokery View Post
In the car it's strictly Radio 2 FTW.

Except for Jeremy Vine's show. Not that I dislike Jeremy Vine, he's quite good. But usually people on one side of an argument who appear or phone into his show usually makes me want to crash into a wall.
R2 too, with forays into R4(extra) land.

Hear what you're saying about Vine, but that foes for any radio phone-in that let's the Plebs on air, IMO.

But yes, R1 is dross, though a marked improvement over Choice/Urban Radio that herself listens to when she's in the kitchen. That is utter shyte!

Even she said my crud is better than wht they play on there - she claims she only listens because it's the best signal she can get (funny how when I'm in the kitchen I can get R4 extra quite easily)...
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