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Seriously, Figure is FAR better (for me anyway) as a way to generate ideas. But they need serious fleshing out... and Reason is the obvious perfect match for that.

I think in addition to the "email me the current loop" option, there should be an option to export it to iTunes, just like there already is. But instead of exporting the audio file, it would be the .rsn file.

This would be absolutely massive. Figure it already a steal at $1 but this would make it something that every single solitary Reason owner (well, those who do electronica-genre music anyway) with an iOS device, would absolutely positively have to have.

Personally, I'd take this over a Reason 7. Seriously... Reason is already so feature-rich and capable, the hard part is getting a solid start on a track. Figure jump-starts that process in a big way.
I've decided to get serious about my music again at last.
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