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Old 2013-02-18, 01:23
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This is awesome. I like the sound of this track a lot! I laughed at how GOOD the quality is. Nice and clean.
Old 2013-02-19, 11:16
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Originally Posted by yentil View Post
Very well produced, strong wide-spectrum fidelity.
Good job!
Thankyou! Carl mixed it and I agree did a great job. He is a proponent of Mike Senior's book "Mixing Secrets For the Small Studio", which I've recently purchased as well.. Still working through it!

Originally Posted by hamst3rf1sh View Post
I really like the main melody that repeats throughout this one. It's really effective.

Originally Posted by ryszard View Post
It's eightieser and eightieser! Sounds good on a first listen through my laptop speakers. I'll go downstairs in a bit and listen through proper studio monitors. Nice work, lads.
Thanks Richard! Appreciate your ongoing encouragement as always!

Originally Posted by tincture View Post
Sounds very good guys. My favourite of your 80's tracks so far... More comments on SC.
Thanks Zac! Much appreciated! More in the works too.

Originally Posted by scoobyman View Post
I'm right at the really cool keyboard solo. Wow, this is really good. It just finished. Nice work.
:-) :-) Thanks very much. That's a Predator for the solo lead, and Antidote backing to support it. I'm trying to get better at solo synth leads (especially since I can't sing!)

Originally Posted by luegenbold View Post
simply flawless.
*blush* thankyou :-)

Originally Posted by UberJimm View Post
Wow! You guys seriously keep getting better & more solid with each new track you drop. I really like the flow of the chorus when it kicks in around 1:14 or so, and that change-up in the final third really transitions nicely. Some of the best lyrics I've heard yet too. Your project has become one of the more refreshing things here in the forums that keeps me checking back frequently. Like a breath of fresh air & positivity. God knows we can all use that!

Thanks so much for posting. Really looking forward to the next one!


Thanks so much Jimm! :-) Again credit to Carl here for the vocals, lyrics and also the main backbone behind the song. We had discussed coming up with a bit of a darker slant, which I think he did really well. In turn, inspired me to try new approaches as well.

You know, I've seen that thread about "what city are you in" but I don't think collaborating globally - thanks to DropBox and being able to share Reason files - has had any challenges for collaborating. Certainly recommend it!

Originally Posted by K1TTENM1TTEN View Post
Question. I love these vocals! How are you creating that truly 80's effect on the vocals? Is it just double tracking, chorus, or...???
I see Carl's already answered that one. I can add that Carl is quite a perfectionist and will keep re-recording his vocals until he's happy :-)

Originally Posted by AnthonyMichaelAngelo View Post
This is awesome. I like the sound of this track a lot! I laughed at how GOOD the quality is. Nice and clean.
Thanks very much! I think Reason has come of age (well once MIDI out is implemented but I shouldn't go there...) and with a few great Rack Extensions you can get a great sound. We both feel there's a lot more to learn though.

Old 2013-02-19, 15:19
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I did listen on my main system. Man, what a difference! I can hear the notes through my lappie speaks, but what power this thing has through proper monitors. You do some great work with the stereo field, too. "Natural Progression" is still my favorite,* but this one is right up there. You guys are growing up fast together. Can't wait for the CD.


*Maybe because it was one of the earliest and most relatable tracks I heard here.
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