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Old 2013-02-20, 00:48
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Originally Posted by Dave909 View Post
Only scenario 2b seems like a something needed fixing by the Props. All the rest are out of their control as you need the samples you use in your song to be present and the Props aren't really responsible for the cramped size of your HD
Yes. But since I don't want my samples to be self contained (yet), all it would need to save is the address to the sample, no? If next time it won't be there, let it fail loading NEXT time, but not when I try to save my entire song.

And that's right, they're not. But that's no excuse for them to tell me I can't load a sample BEFORE they even check how large the sample is? I mean, for a company that makes such a huge piece of software, it isn't weird for me to think they could've written it in such way, that I could still browse my samples, and if it would be too big, it would say so AFTER I try to load it. Not before. It's a huge bias. Almost discrimination against smaller sized samples.

Originally Posted by SteveDiverse View Post
The problem fixing 1a (and 1b, which is an identical problem) is that Reason does not connect directly to the USB stick - the OS does.

The USB stick disconnecting is most likely caused by wear and tear on the USB Port and or the USB stick plug such that plastic and/or metal have worn down just enough to make the key loose in the port.

The weight of the key, however small it is, is just enough to cause the USB stick to 'sag' enough to cause the contacts to lose contact.

Once that happens, the OS drops the device.

Once a USB stick starts disconnecting, it's time to trash it and get a new one - they're pretty inexpensive.

I suggest brands like Sandisk and Kingston, which seem to hold up pretty well.

And when you plug/un-plug them, be as gentle as possible and put them in straight as possible.

Quickly sticking them in and pulling them out especially if at an angle, can cause accelerated wear and tear on the port and stick plug, which will result in the problem occurring more frequently.
This is all true. And I have been looking for a new device already. A classmate of mine dropped my laptop a while back and since that time my USB stick is really sensitive to the lightest touch. Which is a huge pita. (No homo)

But thanks for the reply. I was looking into sandisk. Those look quite useful.
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