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Trying REs

Hello Props i Hope you see this, May you remove the Re's Trying notification? Everytime than i start Reason get in the notification and it's really annoying write everytime my passcode for internet verification.

I know it and you know it than i'm trying and not buying, but i need more liberty to use a RE, of course when my trying time is done came out the notification, in that case is acceptable.

i almost don't want try any RE for that situation, and you remember NO TRY, NO BUY, I need FREEDOM!!
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Very much agreed... the notification is super annoying. There should at LEAST be an option to store my login information and use it automatically. If I can set that for my operating system itself, then why not an App like reason? Is it "less secure"? Well I suppose one could see it that way... but then that's my risk to take isn't it?
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One can tell you guys clearly hadn't have to deal with german bureaucracy
I'd love to be able to recall login information, but what am I to call bureaucracy, if super annoying was already used up for using awesome software?

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