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Old 2013-02-21, 15:13
jkheal jkheal is offline
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Originally Posted by PsyTale View Post
Dropbox all the way, its perfect, you can both work on a project whenever you like and when you save its updated for both (or more) persons.
I keep my crap in Dropbox, too, but dadgummit, they are so obstinate about not offering a mid-range plan!!!!
Jon Heal
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Old 2013-02-21, 16:56
arnoleri arnoleri is offline
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Cool. So I guess this means you keep separate reason installations on each machine, and just keep your refills, patches, and samples synced in a different folder?
Old 2013-02-21, 16:57
arnoleri arnoleri is offline
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They both have a connection. I use my laptop when I'm too lazy to sit at my desk, or when I'm out and about. The desktop stays where it is
Old 2013-02-21, 16:58
arnoleri arnoleri is offline
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200GB for $10 a month? that doesn't sound bad at all. I will check out Google Drive and Dropbox's respective rates. I know you can get up to 16 GB for free on Dropbox by inviting friends
Old 2013-02-21, 18:22
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Originally Posted by carlgrace View Post
You can get google drive and then install it on both computers. Works great once you get over the pain in the ass of uploading all your stuff.
I second Google Drive. It's awesome!
Old 2013-04-30, 22:44
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Has anyone here tried BitTorrent Sync? It's essentially a DropBox/Google Drive clone that doesn't use a cloud and instead opting to keep your files in sync via encrypted BitTorrent connections between however many computers.

Also, IT'S FREE.

I'm using it to share a specific project folder as a test drive, and it seems to work great. I'm just scared to let it sync all my refills and samples just in case something goes wrong. I'm paranoid like that.

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Old 2013-04-30, 22:52
fizbin fizbin is offline
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Maybe set up a backup job from one to the other. This assumes that one will always be the master copy of the files. If you need the ability for either to arbitrarily be the master, then another scheme is necessary.

Is this Windows or Mac?
Old 2013-04-30, 23:06
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Dropbox is a solid multi-platform sync performer, highly recommended.
Old 2013-04-30, 23:38
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Originally Posted by fizbin View Post
Is this Windows or Mac?
It's compatible with both. Even Linux is supported.

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