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Old 2013-02-20, 17:24
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Originally Posted by juanrosa View Post
Great!! great job Jiggery!!!
Oh, I've long since given up on this one!

I really only wanted the "Full Monty" to access the plethora of Line6 effects, which is less important now as the RE library grows (although there are plenty of effects in L6 we still don't have yet, but it'll happen over time).

The existing L6 native rack devices and PF2.5 are still fine* for just the amps themselves.


* that's "fine" as in: "it works", "it's better than nothing", "and it's still way better than some VST amp simulators", but the sooner we get improved amp/cab options in RE the better!!
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Old 2013-02-20, 18:14
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Have some reaction from L6 about this thread?
Still L6 devices in Reason like demo version of their product.
Old 2013-02-22, 18:01
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I've decided to go my original route and get an ISO cab to mic my Amp. I don't know what I was thinking, I'm not a big fan of Amp sims to begin with. Thanks for all the help!
Old 2013-02-23, 20:37
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Anyone tried to send some emails to line6 about this ? Any official response ? Maybe we should rush them ?

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