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Originally Posted by maclife View Post
I love Reason but i find myself messing with other Daws lately. The process of making a beat isn't as fun as it used to be. Its getting slower and there's too much mouse work and i'm tired of using 3 programs to chop samples and convert to mp3. All of my producer friends are starting to use reason less and less. I'm like the last man standing.

I would like a controller with pads and led touch faders and a swing and note repeat feature
Recycle combined with Kong
Drag and Drop/and more efficient way to search for sounds
MP3 export
The ability to save a whole channel strip setting
A better way to group tracks/
Revap the 14:2 MIXER add a mid to the eq and pre and post to all aux channels
Built in effects into the SSL
have two panning features like protools on the ssl

If reason 7 doesn't bring it, i might have to move on to something else. That would be sad.
I agree 1000% Reason 7 is the make it or break it version for Propellerhead...
Reason users flood the feature suggestion forum everyday with some amazing ideas, and not many of them, if any gets implemented version after version, making Reason way behind on what most of the industry is doing right now. Im not saying they should follow the rest of the industry, Im just saying other companies listen to their users, giving them utilities and features that they know would help the users. Almost every other DAW gives you so much right out of the box making buying third party plugins optional, and you even have an internet full of free ones that are amazing. Take Logic for example, $200 and you get high quality eqs, compressors, effects etc. You can literally just get Logic and a bunch of free plugins and be done with it for $200. Look at Cubase, OMG!!! for $500 just $100 more than Reason, do you see what you get? check it out, its ridiculous... Reason on the other hand costs $400 with half or less than half of what logic offers (for double the money). You can check out videos on Cubase to see where Reason stands, but I can tell from now its not good. Now don't get me wrong, Im not saying Reason should be better than ever other DAW in the world and should be doing what every other DAW is doing and more, Im just talking about the huge gap in devices and functionality that other DAWs give their users out of the box compared to what Reason give their users out of the box. If they shorten the gap Reason will definitely feel like its better than every other DAW on the market. The Rack Extensions idea is incredible, but instead of Reason being sufficient and REs being like extra toys we can get, we actually need the REs to get what we want out of Reason. So lets do the math, Reason cost $400 the 3 instrument REs they have (that should be included in Reason) cost $99 a piece. Thats about $700 and remember, thats just the DAW itself and 3 of their instruments, still no proper Eqs, DeEssors, Spectrum Analyzers, etc. that will come out later as REs that we will have to pay for. Don't get me wrong again, I don't mind buying the REs, its the fact that we have to buy them in order to get what we want out of Reason instead of it being optional and extra just to have a variety of devices in your rack. It would be nice to mess around with a new eq RE with the free 30 day trial and say "Its nice, but I can get the same results with the "X" eq device in Reason" once in a while. Not going to happen with the poor selection of eqs that comes with Reason. Even with all the short comings of Reason, I just can't stop using it, the stuff they have for producing is crazy, Kong, Dr. Octorex, NNXT, Thor... I can keep going. It might not be the best when it comes to mixing, but for producing... Im a sucker for its user-friendliness. No other DAW comes close to it when it come down to getting ideas out, and the GUI is just amazing. I love it. The list goes on for days about what I love about Reason. Propellerheads should really pay attention to the fact that even though a lot of people have complaints, they can't stop using Reason for whatever their reason is, so imagine if you give them what they want in the program.

Just to finish up... People who don't own a legit copy of the program should not be suggesting any features, creating new features and devices takes a lot of time and money and buying the software helps them to do that. So when you think about it you really are investing in yourself when you buy Reason. If you use it and like it and want to see it get better then buy the damn thing.
Dreams are only the beginning.

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