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While I definitely support the idea of improving the Piano Roll, and the scale highlighting idea is a good one (I prefer highlighting than the "remove all notes not in scale" approach like in Ableton, since I lose reference when you remove notes), might I suggest that in the meantime (we have no info on when Reason 7 will be here, and no info on whether piano roll updates will be in it), that AutoArp can be an imperfect step in this direction? I say imperfect, because yes, having the piano roll directly integrated is definitely the best solution. But short of that, AutoArp can provide good visual reference to aid you in editing your midi notes (piano roll editing).

The first way is simply by creating an AutoArp instance, set the key and the scale. Now the "Note Mapping" module will highlight the names of the notes that are in the scale. If you know the names of the piano roll keys, you can use this as reference when editing. Even if you don't know the names of the keys, when you create and/or are editing a note, at the top of the piano roll it will show you the name of the currently selected note. You can then make sure you're only using notes that match the names of those shown in AutoArp.

For a more visual method, hook up the "Chord" outputs (Gate and CV) to the Sequencer Control inputs on a Combinator. Press "Show Programmer" to open the Combinator's Programmer, which contains a virtual keyboard display. With the first Root Note selected in AutoArp's "Note Mapping" module, set "Chord Select" in the "Chord Generator" module to "SCALE". Also set "Oct-1" and "Oct+1" both to 36. Press the "Hold" button at the top of AutoArp, and then, with MIDI focus on AutoArp, play the Root Note of your scale. You'll see all the notes for 3 octaves highlighted in the Combinator's keyboard display. Now, create a note lane for the instrument you want to edit (this is why we used "Hold", so that AutoArp will keep outputting notes even when it loses MIDI focus) and use the Combinator keyboard as a "scale highlighter" to check against.

There are over 60 scales in AutoArp, which is significantly more than I've seen in any DAW I've ever tested that has Scale/Chord functionality. So even if PH adds Scale highlighting to Reason 7, and Reason 7 is released soon, there still might be a few Scales and/or Chords in AutoArp and thus it may still serve as a useful reference.
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