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Originally Posted by rachelmcgmusic View Post
Haha cheers! Doesn't matter if it clips a small bit, as long as it sounds good it shouldn't really matter!
^^completely agree - I got some clipping too - that kick temp drowns out the beat - but the sound is exceptional, my man! The breakdown with the piano just brings me with you when you were producing this. The gated synth buildup is proper!

I definitely dig your sound dude - and I can't believe that I'm finding so many individuals on here that I could see myself collaborating with. The edm drop is banging! Although, I think you could've composed a bit more here with that. Overall, amazing work man - the only thing I could see you adding to this is more of a presence with the snares/claps ... I dig the house vibe - but by adding more of the snare presence - for example, instead of the double-clap that you have at 4:14 - you could've had this throughout the 1/2/3rd bars throughout the track and then leave 4:14 without anything to increase the 'drop'.

Whenever you have some time, I'd very much appreciate your feedback on some of my work - I think you'll dig it since we share similar vibes!


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