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View Poll Results: Do you think the RE Shop should have product bundles for a reduced price?
Yes, I think I'd buy more REs if there were bundle prices 77 82.80%
No, I'd still buy my REs individually no matter what 1 1.08%
I really don't care 15 16.13%
Voters: 93. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2013-02-20, 15:11
craven's Avatar
craven craven is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
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I like how Blamsoft used codes to offer some kind of bundle for Distributor and Viking.
Code for Distributor was Viking and vice versa. So if you bought both using the code you basically got the Distributor for free. That was the first RE bundle!

However, this system can not check whether one really owns the Viking already or whether one buys both of them. So all in good trust.
An 'advanced bundle system' would be great! If you don't like it - don't use it.
Old 2013-02-23, 16:08
Rman Rman is offline
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 41
An example :u-he. As said before, the vst bundle is at 149 dollars. If you buy the re version, the price is more than 300 dollars. Wtf? That's why i didn't buy any of those fx, it's way too expensive. The day they will give us a descent price (like a bundle at 149 dollars, or less, considering the fact that it's a closed licence) i will buy those fx, which are pretty good by the way
Old 2013-02-24, 01:40
locohead's Avatar
locohead locohead is offline
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Would love to see bundles, too.
Old 2013-02-24, 01:55
maclife maclife is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 19
I would buy more

i love bundle. package it up and make it right and i'll buy. But don't just package up the 9 dollar CV's lol.

Bundles! That why i like waves. The got deals. The only deal i seen here was at christmas, but that wasn't a bundle it was just a sale on the corny plug'n. But i still bought them because they were cheaper. Hook us up prop. I'll buy
Old 2013-02-24, 18:50
alternating.bit's Avatar
alternating.bit alternating.bit is offline
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I'm not sure if this was mentioned before, but I'd imagine bundles that cross different companies would be a complex operation... they'd all have to be in agreement, or maybe Propellerhead would be the only ones taking a hit, and they'd get their usual commission, but most likely they'd all have to be on board.
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Old 2013-02-26, 00:57
joeyluck's Avatar
joeyluck joeyluck is offline
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This is looking like one of those damn MIDI-Out threads.

As in, this idea is too damn good; Too many people are voting for it (time to shut it down). It seems like common sense. The ratio is too high for those voting in favor. Before you know it, you will have over 1400 votes for "Yes." At which point, someone will need to intervene to remind you that this forum doesn't represent a large enough percentage of the entire Reason community. Thus, your good idea and the acceptance of it by so many isn't good enough. Which in turn says that the 'feature suggestion' section and polls are pointless. =)

Sorry, just in a goofy mood.

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