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Originally Posted by drebeluved View Post
My advice is to try both, if it's about a budget, get logic 9, if you can swing it reason 6.5, this is why, sure you can use a bunch up vst's in logic, however, for those who solely need to use them its really takes away from the creation process and the amp design is great, for everything else i use waves because the reverb vst's in logic isn't that impressive to me, Nuendo has better, with that being said, reason 6.5, is an true all in one producer's , song writer's, dream, and with the ability to record audio to track in real time is really cool, the tutorials about reason is useful, in logic 9, if you need logic for dummies it could take you a long time to learn it, reason is pretty easy to learn, i also notice that to create a song in reason some award winning artist only use up to 12 tracks, you also can convert all previous versions of reason songs to the new format by deleting the old mixer in the edit window, select all and convert, boom, they're in the new format with individual ssl mixer tracks, you also can route easier in reason than in logic, use also can chop samples with recycle, you also can master in both, however, you can master each individual channel strip in reason 6.5, but try both, for me it's reason 6.5 because the work flow is sooooooooo freaking great
Originally Posted by mrsimba View Post
Surely the pot of gold that lies beyond the potentially tedious barriers of computerised music composition is the completed song? How quickly - and enjoyably - you are able to smash through the barriers of clicking and tweaking to reach this holy grail is down to how intuitive your DAW is.

Reason allows people to find sounds, sequence and manipulate them in seconds. It also looks good, and feels 'fun' to use which is an important factor. Logic sometimes seems anything but to me. For my money, the less time you're thinking about numbers, menus and subfolders the more time you're thinking about music, composition and that end result.

Originally Posted by xbitz View Post
Reason is for fun, Logic is for ...
You all do realize that this thread is over 7 months old?

  • "To argue with a person who has renounced the use of Reason is like administering medicine to the dead." - Thomas Paine
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