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Originally Posted by bodnyak View Post
Hi guys! I've recently started using Reason and discover something new every day, but there's one basic and probably ridiculous thing that i can't handle are nasty clicks and pops when I playback my audio tracks (clips) in sequencer individually or at the same time with Loop Mode turned on. I know you might advice me to change the buffer and latency settings etc., but that's not the issue I'm telling you. My laptop is totally fine (it's a brand new MacBook Pro with Quad-Core processor and Propellerhead Balance interface) and I record live instruments with no any distortions or clippings. The reason probably is that my tracks' waveforms don't match a zero crossing at the beginning and the end of audio tracks when I playback them. A zero crossing trick is available with ReCycle and my problems might be solved (automaticaly or manually) I suppose once I purchase it and open my track in it, but I'm wondering if I'm able to do that in Reason with no any extra expenses, so if you have anything to say about that or had the same problem and solved it, then please share that with me, I'll appreciate that. Thank you!

P.S. When I playback Reason demo songs, there's no problem like this at all with the same settings, so I'm wondering if those tracks in demo songs were recorded and bounced in Reason or with some other software (such as ReCycle etc.).
Edit: See the reply posted in your duplicate thread in the User Forum.
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