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Old 2013-02-28, 05:53
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Cool Is RE store and the idea failing in reason ?

I worry that the RE idea is failing
I wrote to some developers regarding RE's
usually their answer was maybe or not yet
what do you think ?
Old 2013-03-01, 09:40
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It's still too early to say. I get the general gist that the RE SDK is a bit too restrictive for what some developers want to do though, which may be putting some big players off.
Old 2013-03-02, 08:17
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Originally Posted by vivadangermouse View Post
It's still too early to say. I get the general gist that the RE SDK is a bit too restrictive for what some developers want to do though, which may be putting some big players off.

This is my understanding as well. I can also see that the current rack space view might be a problem as well. The rack view is fine....but for instruments that need more space (Maschine, Arturia Moog Modular V etc) some sort of secondary 'zoom in' field of view will have to happen....that's just one thing to consider about the current RE SDK.

I'm very interested to see the direction Props go with Reason in the version 7 upgrade.
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I wouldn't say it's failing. You still have big players like Korg and Softtube developing REs. The thing is the RE format unlike other formats (Rtas, Vst, AU) is very innovative in the way its interacts with Reason which means it'll take more time to get things right vs the newish aax format for protools which works the same way the rtas format (and every other format) worked; detached from the program. I'm sure the Props are considering every limitation and issue that's discovered and will adapt fixes for them into the next sdk update. The better the RE format works, the more big developers will jump on the bandwagon, which would create a greater flow of revenue for the Props. They'll only benefit for working on improvement.
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Old 2013-03-02, 16:30
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I'd also say at the moment users *and* developers are still in a phase of watching how it turns out. Reason is special in that it by now addresses several user groups from amateur musicians up to professional producers. Its hard to get that "stretch" working smoothly. Like if many "casual" users buy many cheap REs then the high-quality expensive ones have a harder position as you're bound to compare both in terms of price etc.

I think we are still in a phase where its all about perception and we all do our part to make that perception turn out the way we want. You want more REs? Buy the existing ones and give feedback to the developers! You think Reason and REs should instead be a normal DAW and VSTs? Go and sell Reason and buy a VST host. Its simple, really
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Although restrictive I can see for Props that the SDK is a way of 'testing the water' for reliability, as far as letting external developers make units for Reason. I'm confident that there will be an update freeing up more possibilities for REs and therefore more recognised plugin developers. I'd imagine its a marathon not a sprint as far as Props are concerned
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Old 2013-03-02, 22:32
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I haven't seen the SDK, but I wouldn't call it restrictive.

It is perhaps restrictive in the sense that you cannot deviate from the bounds it imposes - and this is a good thing - because it is what makes and will continue to make REs stable.

It is perhaps restrictive in the sense that there are developers with existing DSP code that can't port the whole VST over because there's something in their VST that isn't *currently* supported in the SDK.

An SDK is a base or re-usable code that ensures compliance with a standard while also handling part of the underlying code that would be common to everything written.

For example, the auto-routing of audio cables on instruments...I'm sure that's built into the SDK - you develop an RE using the base re-instrument, and you automatically get cable auto-routing.

I'm sure there will be future versions of the SDK - that it will mature - and eventually be able to support more and more - at which point, we might see more VSTs being ported over.

I do not think it is restrictive in the sense that I do not thing Props sat down and decided that they'd totally limit the features and it would never improve - this is it, done.

There's always a trade off when writing a program when you have a long list of features you want to have in the software, as to what to include in version 1, so you have something useful to release while you work on adding the features for version 2.

if you wait until you have everything on the list implemented you might never have a release.

Look at Reason itself. each version has added something - and not just devices - although the new devices generally get the most attention.

that's partly because the devices are full and complete, while the program itself will continue to evolve.

Remember, even though Reason is on version 6.5 - which is the 8th significant release (there was also a 2.5) - the SDK is on version 1.0, and not even for a year.

I don't remember if or when there was an announcement that SDK 1.0 was official, but I do remember that when 6.5 was released, SDK 1.0 was not considered to be completed - it was in beta...

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Originally Posted by INFAM View Post
I worry that the RE idea is failing
I wrote to some developers regarding RE's
usually their answer was maybe or not yet
what do you think ?
Good question. How many people actually buy RE? I only have the free ones. I don't care for the price, it's just that Reason comes with everything and the included stuff has more than just one purpose. (rv7000/bv512 for example)
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Well, between you and me we have a minimal of a thousand Euro's on RE's. So it's 500 a person just between you and me. I bet the RE format is a succes..
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What happens when the next version of reason comes out? Will that have updated SDK? Will that mean that some RE's will require the latest version of reason, and others, the previous?

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