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Old 2013-03-02, 21:36
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Originally Posted by zeebot View Post
why did you give a thumbs down in your post? If you took a simple browse through the reason manual it would all be explained to you.
Sorry but that somehow suggests reason is at fault in some way when in fact the case is that you are too lazy to try to understand the product you have purchased
Might sound harsh but it annoys me when a workman blames his tools rather than a lack of simple effort on their part.
umm you right but let me put a few words in his favor (not a pun 2 you) :
Reason does not have manuals in many language so I dont think it is lazyness but more confusion because it's a 2 complex software to learn from with no notion of the languages proposed in the manual choices .
if Reason was only been made in English and if the manual would not have been translated in French for 6.5 I would have give it up because there is way to many things to learn to have a normal workflow -

that sayed I also can say that I'm too lazy to search the manual very often even if I got it in French ,
I ask questions here and I always get a better explaination then the one in the manual that usely is more a sience chart then a learning manual on some points .

that is the cool thing about a forum , you can ask for hints tips and more detailed info or just say I dont get this at all please can somebody explain this in a very easy way

anyway thumbs up or down is a bad choice here the guy should have used a insted

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


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