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Old 2012-02-19, 01:35
hayesg31 hayesg31 is offline
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Thinking more horizontal & also justification

Like others I have been using Reason since v1 circa 2000 v1.0 and back then it was to me a great rack based Rebirth. The vertical format has always been an issue for me as it has evolved over the years. When it was effectively one screen things are manageable using the vertical scroll methodology but now we have 3 big screens in R6 I am struggling even on two large monitors - and I have a ton of screen estate on my main production machine - monitor 1 2560/1440 and a second one 1920/1080. Thats a total of nearly 4500 x 2500 pixels and R6 still struggles to fit properly?!

I agree with some of the suggestions above but we need to go beyond just detached each of the three areas and think more radically. Given most monitors are horizontally orientated that could mean a complete rethink of the rack firstly. Why does it have to emulate a real rack, why can't it be a horizontal scroll as if a rack with unlimited width. That way the whole rack could sit nicely in a bottom 3rd of one of my monitors - and the connectors might even be easier to see in one go if they were linking across from each other.

Also the mixer could be more responsive to collapsing - so each of the 6 vertical blocks could potentially sit in one view (as you fiddle with one channel at a time) in a horizontal mode (fader on right and eq/dyn/fx etc to the left of it.

I think the arrangement window is good and is like every other DAW and for me during the longer 'creation' phase is the dominant area - but the transport could be more integrated and like ProTools possible sit across the top of arrange with less stacking of the counters etc: so they are more stretched out across a horizontal field.

I appreciate the amount of work in trying to meld record and reason with an ever increasing module set but I think it is time to loose some of the earlier reason 'real rack/mixer' emulation (especially as perhaps many reason users may have never seen a studio rack!) - and think more laterally or is that horizontally?

Old 2012-02-19, 03:42
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stealthbopper & hayesg31 Thanks for the contributions. Hoping this gets some consideration with PH.

As surprised as I was about the limited color & use of space, I was getting equally curious why there's not much feedback on this subject. Could be because I'm quite new to the Propellerhead forum. Not new to Reason though. Hey, stealthbopper, you've had Reason 6 one month longer than I've had it.

Obviously Props will improve on this issue, I'm certain. Let's hope we're all very, very pleasantly surprised!

There are two monitors in my studio and I've always been at least pretty ok with the rack setup and ability for it to detach (glad they seperate into horizontal racks now). I started noticing alot of the shortcomings with space on my laptop. My beef is primarily with the sequencer, but you guys add some valuable issues as well with the rack not resizing.

The sequencer has some really great comping usage, as it is very quick to getting the job done. A beautiful thing for musicians trying to get ideas out. Now props needs to expand on taking the sequencer, editing, smart tool, color, and notch things up. Navigator panes need to be better tailored to individual short cuts. The ability to customize shortcuts wouldn't hurt as well.

Everytime I look at the dead space on each side of the Transport Panel, my ulcer acts up. That's just a saying. : )
Old 2013-03-05, 18:04
kingpinnsix kingpinnsix is offline
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like virtical screen split as opposed to horizontal would be a treat

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